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ShellFish Hotline and Regulations

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Shellfish HotlineViviane BarryHotline12/2/201626.63 KBDownload
Squid RegulationViviane BarryRegulation5/2/201693.15 KBDownload
Sea cucumber regulationViviane BarryRegulation7/20/2016107.09 KBDownload
Clam-Oyster C&S RegulationViviane BarryRegulation8/8/2016108.03 KBDownload
Crab Regulation R1-5Viviane BarryRegulation12/2/2016128.95 KBDownload

Clam Dig at Dyes Inlet

Shellfish Program Contacts:

Viviane Barry  360.394.8448
Elizabeth Unsell 360.394.7154 
Jeff Moore 360.394.8514

18490 Suquamish Way
Suquamish, WA 98392

The Shellfish Program provides both shellfish harvest management and enhancement services to Tribal members.  Some of the activities include:

•Providing technical analysis for negotiation for 8 shellfish species’ harvest agreements and intertribal allocation agreements each year between Suquamish, other Tribes and the State of Washington

•Conducting geoduck and intertidal clam population surveys

•Assessing crab condition to limit harvest of soft crab

•Assessing size, sex, & condition of shrimp prior to commercial fisheries to protect the long-term health of the population

•Scheduling of over 50 commercial shellfish openings

•Monitoring harvest and accounting for catch in all shellfish fisheries

•Actively coordinating tideland lease agreements which allows the Tribe to enhance and harvest manila clams on private properties within Dyes Inlet basin

•Testing for PSP biotoxin and monitoring water quality.

Crab Area Map - North


Map of Crab
Harvest Area
North Puget Sound

Crab Area Map - South


Map of Crab
Harvest Area
South Puget Sound

Shellfish Research


Dungeness Crab Larvae
Observer Network

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