Monday, December 5, 2016  

Department of Natural Resources (DNR)


Suquamish Department of Natural Resources
360.394.8505 phone
360.598.6295 fax
18490 Suquamish Way
Suquamish, WA 98392

DNR Programs:

- Water Resources
- Forestry
- Realty
- Utility Program

Services provided to Tribal Members:

Water Resources addresses water rights issues on the Reservation, measures rainfall, and participates in stream surveying. They also provide insight into hydrogeology of proposed building sites.

The Forestry Program offers advice on dangerous trees, issues wood-cutting permits, and directs timber sales from small to large projects.

DNR's Realty Program handles fee to trust conversions, partitionments, gift deeds, and easements. They also track allotments, legal descriptions, and other related information.

The Utility Program is responsible for water sampling, performs daily chlorination testing of well sites in Tribal housing areas, and offers advice and training to private well owners to take their own samples.

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